Definition of "Transmisogyny"

Pronounced "trans-MIS-AH-jin-EE"

Related terms include transphobia, cissexism, transfeminism, trans*, T-word, and transgender.

"When I came out to my transmisogynistic boyfriend as a transwoman, he said he was relieved because it meant he'd have someone to cook his meals and iron his clothes."
Transmisogyny is an intersection of two forms of oppression that transgender women are subjected to: transphobia and misogyny. Because conventional patriarchal culture views women as inherently inferior to men (misogyny), transwomen are also perceived as inferior by virtue of being feminine and pursuing a female social role in society. They tend to be subjected to many dangers and forms of discrimination not only because of misogyny, but also because of transphobia and cissexism.

Unfortunately, transmisogyny has many deadly consequences, including high rates of rape, assault, and murder of transgender women. Trans* women may also feel pressured to conform to problematic gender stereotypes, such as wearing high heels or being "domestic," as a way of proving and validating their identity, and they may be subject to both transphobic and misogynistic discrimination in the workplace. 

The term transmisogyny first appeared in print in 2007, when transfeminist activist Julia Serano used the word in her book The Whipping Girl, which explores many levels of discrimination and oppression including transmisogyny.